35 Interesting Topics for a Research Paper

Although each section of the research paper is challenging, it all begins by selecting the right topic for your paper. If it is something enjoyable, the work still won’t be easy, but at least you will feel that you are learning something relevant to you. But if your topic is not something you love, you will not have the motivation to keep reading and writing until it is too late.

If you have been struggling to come up with something for your paper, take a look at these options. 

Family research topics

  1. Is it ethical for parents to read their teenagers’ emails and texts?
  2. Why is there a rise in teenage pregnancy?
  3. How can a person overcome betrayal by a friend?
  4. What factors can ensure a lifelong friendship?
  5. Challenges of living together with extended relatives
  6. Are there any advantages to having a nanny for the kids?
  7. Are old age homes the best place for grandparents?

Technology research topics

  1. How safe is it to store personal data in the cloud?
  2. Are antivirus companies the real source of viruses?
  3. New gadget models every year: a boon or bane to consumers?
  4. The current dangers of smart technology
  5. How do young employees view the development of AI?
  6. Is it better for high school students to use a tablet or a laptop?
  7. What can be done to reduce crime on the internet?

Relationship research topics

  1. How safe is it to date today?
  2. Do young people still want to get married?
  3. Courtship today: How different is it from 20 to 30 years ago?
  4. Are couples today more prepared for marriage than before?
  5. Is online dating really worth the effort?
  6. Should condoms be sold in schools?
  7. Is there an ideal age gap between spouses?

Social research topics

  1. Are ex-convicts treated fairly when looking for a job?
  2. Is atheism on the rise?
  3. If traffic is such an issue, why do many people still take a car to work?
  4. How safe are airports today?
  5. Should face masks be the new norm for public transportation?
  6. Do TV shows today have a liberal secret agenda?
  7. How is terrorism affecting tourism?

Sports and Entertainment research topics

  1. Who really decides what sports are shown on TV, fans or advertisers?
  2. Why are people enamored by singing contests on TV?
  3. Are horror movies contributing to the rise in violence?
  4. How real is reality TV?
  5. How is social media affecting sports today?
  6. Should golf be considered a sport?
  7. Will basketball ever overcome football/soccer as the most popular sport on the planet?


A great research paper often begins with the issue that you plan on studying. Though not all subjects were represented in our list, you may still be inspired to create a topic of your own after reading the options, or you can always tweak something available to fit what you need. Happy researching!

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